If you are musically inclined and wondering whether you should learn by watching videos online or if it’s worth your time (and money) to join a professional music production and DJ course, read on! 

For starters make sure that whatever you choose, you’re doing it for the right reasons. Some people are more productive in solitude, while others need to be pushed and motivated to learn. Music schools are designed to be focused on offering a creative learning experience that is structured and holistic. 

It can take a while to progress between the initial stages of music production to finally having mastery over the craft. This can seem overwhelming if you’re on your own because even with a range of learning opportunities, a lot of models of online education lack a hands-on approach. Videos and DJ courses online offer you different perspectives and ways of learning but are not great for when you have doubts or questions or need to know if you’re progressing. 

Here are 5 simple reasons why joining a music school is a better option: 

1. It’s about more than just the music:

Like any institute of higher learning, you don’t just learn one thing when you go to school. Similarly, you don’t just learn about music at a music school. The environment in a music school has been designed to be optimum to make you want to create. In addition to learning how to make music, you learn networking, how to promote yourself, how to rise to a challenge and create opportunities that will benefit your music career. This is training for the real world! 

2. It is an immersive process:

When enrolled in a music school, there is a set curriculum that takes you through theory and practical implementation in an organized manner. Your foundations are strengthened and you are taught the correct process. Music school is an immersive experience, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals and you understand how to work as a team but also how to identify your own unique skills. 

3. The benefits of having a mentor:

There is no greater learning opportunity that having a mentor you look up to who guides you on your own creative path. In a school environment, you are given personal attention and feedback. Mentors play a huge role in inspiring you not just for the moment but set the groundwork for future successes. 

4. Learn from professionals:

At a music school, you are learning from professionals that are active in the music industry. This means that you are getting an education that is both current and relevant. Your teachers and mentors teach you not only through their expertise but also through their actions. You can have honest conversations, ask questions if you don’t understand something and feel heard.  

5. Chart your progress: 

One of the invaluable benefits of enrolling in a music school is that you get to chart your progress and understand whether you are improving. Class projects are designed to challenge your creativity and every finished track or sample goes into your portfolio. The body of work you create in school becomes a representation of who you are as an artist. 

Online DJ courses and tutorials are a great add-on to your learning journey and you should never stop learning but it is important to have a strong foundation in music. It might be what sets you apart from the abundance of musicians that have access to tutorials and videos. 

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