Sound piracy, ripping music off YouTube is a total no-no, especially for those who want to live by standards. As a working DJ, you should follow the code of conduct or in simple terms the ethics of music. Buy music from good sources, as this will not only save valuable time but there will be fewer chances of files being corrupt or not being read by DJ gears. Your audience will pick up on the distorted sound, especially in clubs with high-quality sound systems. YouTube should only be your guide to finding a true gem of a song and a guideline to taking the step to find that track at a more than decent quality.

1. Poor Sound Quality: 

Playing songs that were ripped from Youtube just sounds bad as you are pulling out a lesser compressed audio file. Chances are you are ripping from a lossy format video which you have downloaded and transcoded the file to even worse sounding MP3. It may sound good at home and your headphones but when you go to a club environment or bigger sound systems it’s not going to live up to its full standard. If you are playing good quality music people will leave satisfied.

2. Make your set sound really bad: 

The sound quality might be appalling for your audience, which doesn’t want it that way right. An average audience with untrained ears might not make out the difference. But, people will feel the difference when you have good quality music. All your tracks must have the same quality so as to not offset the balance of your DJ set. It will affect your performance.

3. Leaves a bad impression about the DJ:

The shenanigans need to stop or you will end up sounding embarrassed. You should strive to raise quality. You need to make yourselves heard. People are not going to respect you as a DJ if you are going to play poor quality files. Even if the audience has paid you to listen to you but you don’t respect them enough to play a track of how it was intended to be heard. The bottom line – Don ‘t get tempted by the exclusivity of playing an extraordinary number that no one heard of if the way it sounds can jeopardize your reputation as an artist.

4. It is disrespecting the artist:

Ripping other producer’s music shows that you don’t value other artist’s work. The rule of thumb is Give Respect, Earn Respect. More than the quality it’s also a question of your character. The way you don’t want others to steal from you, as a DJ you should respect that aspect of other artists too.

5. It is illegal:

It is illegal to download a piece of copyrighted music from Youtube. The practice has been criticized as it also rips off the music industry almost to the point of breaking. Musicians and producers who want to be paid for their work face big problems with illegal music download.  It is against Youtube’s Terms and Service and you could be fined for doing so. Furthermore, it is a pointless exercise when you are ultimately going to get poor music quality. Dj’s recording a mix have to be careful when using other people’s in their own creations; monetizing your music can have hefty financial and legal implications. The easy way is to just get permission.

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