When it comes to music production there are many who feel that their track does not sound good because they do not have fancy plugins that the pros use, expensive hardware or a professional studio. So we have pointed out 5 Myths which you should read to know why.

 #1 Expensive plugins are the key to success

Plugins are used by most producers to customize the sound to their tastes and therefore the market is full of plugins that take the possibilities of sound design into another dimension altogether. Now the point is that you as a producer do not need the most expensive plugin to be able to produce a hit track. It is how you understand what a certain audio effect does to your sound and creatively incorporate it into your track. Stock plugins these days are more than capable enough to create the best sounds out there!

 #2 You need the best studio gear to get started

The best thing about making music in this day and age is that all you need essentially is a computer, a DAW, a good pair of headphones, an audio interface and a decent pair of studio monitors. That’s all! Don’t get caught up in the hype of buying gear that will cost you a fortune especially when you are starting out. There are many versions of DAW’s that cost less than a meal out with your friends. An industry-standard USB audio interface is around INR 10000. Studio monitors also start from about INR 10000.

#3 You need to be a music theory expert or professional musician to be a producer

While being a musician or having prior knowledge of music theory is beneficial while making music, it is not necessary to have such a background. A lot of the top producers in the world are not musicians per se. The beauty of music production today is that anyone who has a beat or melody in their head can reproduce that exact sound through the tools available at their disposal without having the slightest knowledge of music. This age is truly the age of the creator. 

#4 A particular DAW will make all the difference

A digital audio workstation is basically the software you use to create music. It really doesn’t matter which one you use. As long as you like the workflow of a particular DAW, everything else is in your hands. This is a myth that you need to use only Logic or Ableton in order to produce killer tracks. 

#5 Mastering will turn a bad mix to sound great

Look at mastering as the icing on the cake. The cake will still taste bad if the sponge and layers inside are terribly made. In order for a track to sound great, every part of the process from mixing all the way to mastering has to be perfect. 

2 thoughts on “Top Five Myths Beginner Music Producers Believe”

  1. Isn’t it suspected that the fact that these myths still remain is not improved by not paying enough attention to correct information transmission? The fact is that not all participants have many experience or knowledge. I hope the music industry will never forget that.
    I wonder if stock plugins (& free plugins) tend to be just underrated. But isn’t it true? So, can it be said that stock (& free) plugins are also great for professional works? There are some who have to save money, too.

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